Our biggest thanks to Wuff Da Kennel! Our young and feisty German Shepherd Koda, developed significant stranger anxiety at about 3 months of age. We struggled with her in standard obedience classes and were very worried about being able to have her in public because she was so aggressive. After our best attempts, we decided to bring Koda to Wuff Da for some training to help with the anxiety and self‐ assuredness. Koda spent 3 weeks initially with Pia. During that time, Pia and crew invited us up for some one‐on‐one training with she and the dog. She was extremely helpful, caring and informative. There were no questions left unanswered. She has a firm and consistent approach to training and does not mince words, which made our instructions very clear as far as how to work with Koda at home. We had a great home transition and stayed in contact with the Kennel via email with any questions regarding training at home.

Because of her wonderful training and care, we brought Koda back up about 1 1⁄2 months later when we went on vacation. Pia worked with Koda on some touch up training and again provided us with a “follow up” plan for home training. Koda is now 8 months old and we have a dog that has really been changed by the wonderful training at Wuff Da Kennel. She is adjusting to many social situations with ease and we are no longer fearful regarding her behavior. We are so grateful for the superb care and excellent training we received from Pia and her staff. We wouldn’t hesitate for a second to do further kenneling for our dog at Wuff Da Kennel and would highly recommend their training. Pia’s no‐nonsense approach is effective, the animals love her and are quite obviously extremely well cared for!

Jenifer Dees, Fargo ND

I stumbled upon Pia at Wuff Da Kennel on the Internet during a desparate search for help when me and my husband’s 5 year old Olde English bulldog and 3 year old Shitzu/Bichon cross started devolping aggression issues with each other. Every other trainer I spoke to said if they’ve fought once it’s too late. Pia however spent an hour on the phone with me getting the background and details talking me through all the possibilities that could be going on. She made a house visit the next weekend and spent time evaluating the dogs just doing what dogs do. The best part of that day was that she started teaching US! We had more to learn than the dogs did, and she continues to work with us and the dogs alike. We have a long way to go, but with her help we are working forward now instead of backwards.

Pia teaches you from the dogs perspective, working with her you start to see all the things you’re doing that just confuse the dogs and worsens their behavior. She is honest and tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. She truly loves dogs, big or small purebred or mutt. She takes each dog for what it is and works with each individual personality (that goes for the humans too..). I’m thankful for the knowledge I found in Pia, and find comfort in the fact that between sessions I can ask a questions and she is always willing to help! I will continue to work with Pia with my current dogs and future dogs I may have.

Emily Kliniske, Grand Forks ND

Pia and Wuff Da Kennel is the best place we have ever boarded our dog. Hands down. Our dog Shadowfax is a deaf pit bull mix, the kind of dog that can scare people off based on how she looks and the fact that she has a disability. Shadowfax is not your typical dog and has a few more needs than the average boarder. We greatly appreciate Pia working with us in training her, and getting to know her in the process.

The facility at Wuff Da Kennel is spacious, safe, secure, and immaculately cleaned. The dogs have their own individual run inside where it’s heated or air conditioned, and access to an adjoining outdoor run as well. The play yard that Pia lets then out in multiple times a day is large, clean, and well fenced.

Besides the facility itself, the other component that makes Wuff Da Kennel such an amazing place is Pia herself. Pia cares for our dog Shadowfax as though she was one of her own dogs. The level of care and attention that she pays to Shadowfax is obvious, and when we board her, we receive nightly texts or e­mails about how she’s doing.

The bottom line is that we never have a concern when we leave our dog to board with Pia at Wuff Da Kennel, we know that she’s being treated as well (and probably better) than we treat her at home. While we’re off on our trip we never worry about how Shadowfax is doing with Pia at Wuff Da Kennel, we’re happy knowing that she’s in the best possible hands.

John Chappell & Alycia Cummings, Grand Forks ND