I dropped my dog Beau off for some much needed obedience training at Wuff Da Kennels. I was a bit apprehensive as he was still recovering from an accident AND I’d never boarded him his 4 1/2 years with me. After talking with Pia and her staff I drove out that day feeling relieved and assured Beau was in good hands. Pia is a wonderful person and an animal lover which is obvious when you visit with her. Beau has become more comfortable and listens to us now (he’s a stubborn Pekingese). I’m so happy with her I’ve since boarded Beau with her and continue to do so in the future! Thanks Wuff Da Kennel and Pia,

Jeffry Boe, Frazee, MN

We brought Sully (our Golden Retriever puppy) to Wuff-Da Kennel when he was 12 weeks old. Here, he spent a month with Pia learning basic obedience & commands. Pia did a great job training with Sully and we always felt he was getting excellent care. About once per week, we would come to Wuff-Da and train with Sully – it was so fun to see how fast he was learning. Sully, now 6 months old, has continued to learn new commands very easily and it is because of the strong foundation he gained at Wuff-Da Kennel. We would highly recommend Wuff-Da Kennel to any new puppy owner – it was a great investment that we made. Pia truly cares about each dog that comes to her kennel. She’s always available to answer any questions or help with any problems that arise. We are very grateful for all the work she’s done in shaping Sully into the great companion he is for our family.

Betsy & Brock, East Grand Forks, MN

Wuff Da kennel and Pia are the best!  As a newer dog owner, we had much to learn. Riley spent a couple months with Pia where she learned all sorts of new things.  Riley is a very smart puppy and tested Pia to see what she could get away with at times but Pia worked with her (and us) to build the basics and set a strong foundation for when she came home.
During Riley’s stay, she provided updates and suggestions to us and gave us training tips and videos to make sure we would be able to continue her training once she was home. Pia really understands dog behavior and cares about your dog as much as her own dogs and her results were amazing.  We highly recommend her training program! The kennels and yard were always clean and it was clear that Riley enjoyed her time with Pia and the other dogs. Thanks again for all you did for us and Riley!
Dana Wegge Grand Forks ND

We sent our golden retriever, Chase, to train with Pia when he was 7 months old. He was a high energy puppy with zero manners and was starting to develop some behavior that we knew needed to be stopped. However, we had no idea how to address these behaviors on our own.

Chase spent roughly 3 months training with Pia, and it was the best decision that we could have made. She molded him into a well-mannered puppy who can now obey commands. She not only trained him beautifully, but she also trained us on how to interact with him. She taught us what it meant to be the pack leader and how to maintain that role.

When it was time to take Chase home, she sent us off with some tips and tricks to help with reentry into our home and life. She’s always been willing to answer questions and is an invaluable resource. It is clear that she is passionate about what she does. No one can achieve the success that she does without a love for these dogs. We highly recommend Wuffda Kennel, and we can’t thank Pia enough!!

Melissa & Kyle Gagner

After 8 weeks of training Loui (Chihuahua) and Rosie ( Yellow Lab) are home. Best decision and investment we could have made. Our two dogs are like new, respectable family members. They both listen, focus and aim to please. Pia was an amazing trainer. She treated our dogs as if they were her own. She worked intensely with them and trained me and my other family members on how to effectively work with our dogs for continued success. Pia delivered everything I had hoped for and more. Thank you Pia!! You are the best.

Shannon M. Bintz Jamestown ND

We purchased a Mastador puppy last fall to be used as a pet and companion dog at one of our senior living facilities in Moorhead. We contacted Pia at Wuff Da Kennel for her help in basic training. We have had several large dogs previously such as Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs.  However, we just wanted the best dog possible this time for our facility and as a pet.  We talked with Pia and sent the dog to live with her for several weeks to get basic training.  Even though the dog is still a puppy, Pia did an excellent job working with her and putting some basic training and commands on her early.  The dog is now back with us and it is very evident that Pia did an amazing job getting her started off on the right paw!  It is apparent that Pia loves working with dogs and has an extensive knowledge on how best to train various breeds.  We would highly recommend Pia and Wuff Da Kennel as a very respected kennel and training facility. If you have any specific questions we would be happy to discuss them with you.

Roger & Lisa Erickson Farmstead Care Moorhead, MN

Our basset hound George started exhibiting “bully” traits when he became frustrated or upset. His stubborn tendencies were especially strong when he witnessed weaknesses within our rules for him. He would try to assert himself as the leader.

We brought George to Wuff Da Kennel to learn basic obedience and to modify his “bully” behaviors. It turns out that the humans needed just as much training on how to work with George! Pia provided George with a strong understanding of the “leader” mentality. Meeting on a weekly basis, Pia outlined what George had learned during the week and had us practice on her Aussies and George.

George now knows his role within the pack – behind the humans. Highly motivated by treats, George now maintains eye contact and completes basic obedience tasks. The facility at Wuff Da Kennel is inviting, spacious, and clean. Pia did a great job working with George, and we can’t thank her enough.

Todd & Morgan Olson Grand Forks ND

Wuffda Kennel and Pia are a true life saver.  We have 2 dogs and was going out of town and needed to board them both.  We dropped them off at daycare and got on the road.  After 5 hours of driving we got a call from the daycare, stating both of our dogs needed to leave right away.  They stated our dogs were not getting along with the other dogs.  We found someone to bring them to a 2nd daycare, that separated the dogs, instead of mixing them.  The next morning we get a call from the 2nd daycare, stating one of our dogs had to leave right away, stating he “attacked” some workers.  I did not know what to do!  I was 8+ hours from home.  I started researching on other boarding options and came across Wuffda Kennel.  I called her and we spoke for over 20 minutes about my dogs, our issues, the situation, and our family.  She invited us to come and meet her, and so that she could meet them.  We went to her place.  She did not look or touch or talk to my dogs when we arrived.  She let them roam around and get comfortable with their surrounding and then get comfortable with her.  She did not force herself on them.  She let us leave them there, as we were flying out the next morning for 5 days.  I was nervous, considering the last 2 placements.  Pia kept me informed every day while we were away.  She called or emailed me telling me what they were up to and even emailed me pictures.  I will never bring my dogs anywhere else!  The 2nd place my dogs stayed had over 80 dogs there!  Pia only takes a handful of dogs, making them all comfortable and feel like home.  The kennels are clean, comfortable, relaxing, and air conditioned.  I call Pia the “dog whisperer”.  When we picked them up she taught me some tricks and rules to have, in order to be more in control of their behaviors.  When we brought them home and worked with them, they really did work better with us, based on the trick she taught me.  She welcomed us back to her place, in order to have some training lessons with her, but mostly it would be to train us humans to handle our fury kids. She has tons of experience and love for animals.   You truly must see for yourself!  I cannot express in words the true love she has for dogs, and how she helped us out so much! We thank you again Pia and Wuffda Kennel….. Love Mallie, Blake, and family 🙂

Leona Flugstad, Fargo ND

Thank you so much for everything. [Gunnar] is such a good boy! You made a great foundation that we are continuing to build from. Thanks again for your love and passion for animals!

Kari Chenault, Hendrum MN

Our biggest thanks to Wuff Da Kennel! Our young and feisty German Shepherd Koda, developed significant stranger anxiety at about 3 months of age. We struggled with her in standard obedience classes and were very worried about being able to have her in public because she was so aggressive. After our best attempts, we decided to bring Koda to Wuff Da for some training to help with the anxiety and self‐ assuredness. Koda spent 3 weeks initially with Pia. During that time, Pia and crew invited us up for some one‐on‐one training with she and the dog. She was extremely helpful, caring and informative. There were no questions left unanswered. She has a firm and consistent approach to training and does not mince words, which made our instructions very clear as far as how to work with Koda at home. We had a great home transition and stayed in contact with the Kennel via email with any questions regarding training at home.

Because of her wonderful training and care, we brought Koda back up about 1 1⁄2 months later when we went on vacation. Pia worked with Koda on some touch up training and again provided us with a “follow up” plan for home training. Koda is now 8 months old and we have a dog that has really been changed by the wonderful training at Wuff Da Kennel. She is adjusting to many social situations with ease and we are no longer fearful regarding her behavior. We are so grateful for the superb care and excellent training we received from Pia and her staff. We wouldn’t hesitate for a second to do further kenneling for our dog at Wuff Da Kennel and would highly recommend their training. Pia’s no‐nonsense approach is effective, the animals love her and are quite obviously extremely well cared for!

Jenifer Dees, Fargo ND

I stumbled upon Pia at Wuff Da Kennel on the Internet during a desparate search for help when me and my husband’s 5 year old Olde English bulldog and 3 year old Shitzu/Bichon cross started devolping aggression issues with each other. Every other trainer I spoke to said if they’ve fought once it’s too late. Pia however spent an hour on the phone with me getting the background and details talking me through all the possibilities that could be going on. She made a house visit the next weekend and spent time evaluating the dogs just doing what dogs do. The best part of that day was that she started teaching US! We had more to learn than the dogs did, and she continues to work with us and the dogs alike. We have a long way to go, but with her help we are working forward now instead of backwards.

Pia teaches you from the dogs perspective, working with her you start to see all the things you’re doing that just confuse the dogs and worsens their behavior. She is honest and tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. She truly loves dogs, big or small purebred or mutt. She takes each dog for what it is and works with each individual personality (that goes for the humans too..). I’m thankful for the knowledge I found in Pia, and find comfort in the fact that between sessions I can ask a questions and she is always willing to help! I will continue to work with Pia with my current dogs and future dogs I may have.

Emily Kliniske, Grand Forks ND

Pia makes sure that each of the dogs gets playtime, treats, cuddles, or whatever they need to be comfortable! We were bragging to our relatives in Michigan that Kaline was getting regular cuddle time at Wuff Da Kennel! I would recommend this boarding service to anyone whose pet loves fresh air and love!

Liz Fordahl, Grand Forks ND

Pia and Wuff Da Kennel is the best place we have ever boarded our dog. Hands down. Our dog Shadowfax is a deaf pit bull mix, the kind of dog that can scare people off based on how she looks and the fact that she has a disability. Shadowfax is not your typical dog and has a few more needs than the average boarder. We greatly appreciate Pia working with us in training her, and getting to know her in the process.

The facility at Wuff Da Kennel is spacious, safe, secure, and immaculately cleaned. The dogs have their own individual run inside where it’s heated or air conditioned, and access to an adjoining outdoor run as well. The play yard that Pia lets then out in multiple times a day is large, clean, and well fenced.

Besides the facility itself, the other component that makes Wuff Da Kennel such an amazing place is Pia herself. Pia cares for our dog Shadowfax as though she was one of her own dogs. The level of care and attention that she pays to Shadowfax is obvious, and when we board her, we receive nightly texts or e­mails about how she’s doing.

The bottom line is that we never have a concern when we leave our dog to board with Pia at Wuff Da Kennel, we know that she’s being treated as well (and probably better) than we treat her at home. While we’re off on our trip we never worry about how Shadowfax is doing with Pia at Wuff Da Kennel, we’re happy knowing that she’s in the best possible hands.

John Chappell & Alycia Cummings, Grand Forks ND

We’ve been boarding our dog Dudley at Wuffda Kennel for about a year now, and we are so glad we found this place! Pia makes every effort to make sure each dog is comfortable and safe, and it means a lot to us to know that Dudley is so well looked after while we are away. The kennel is always very clean and we also appreciate the special one­on­one care. And it’s fun to see the Facebook posts while we’re away, too!

Martin & Juli Tubby, Climax MN

I am thankful to have a such a good place to take my dog that is so close to home. I took my 5-month old puppy to stay with Pia for a week, while I went on vacation. It was comforting to know he was staying at a safe kennel and appreciated that he was able to keep busy with obedience training. He had much improvement from the one week he was with Pia and continues to show the training he learned.

Tessa Tovar, Halstad MN

I have 2 corgis who stayed at Wuff Da Kennel when I was gone for 10 days, and they had a fun time! One of my corgis takes extra care due to his allergies, and Pia took great care of him! They both had big smiles on their faces when I saw their pictures and when I picked them up! It’s nice to leave your dogs at a place where they get lots of attention and love!

Heidi Hillesland, Aneta ND

Wuff-Da Kennel is a home-away-from home for our 4-legged family member, Izzy.  Pia at Wuff-Da Kennel is a true animal lover!  She enjoys getting to know the dogs and their families and makes the accommodations at the kennel satisfying to the boarded dogs.  Each dog is treated like a member of Pia’s own family.  Pia likes to get to know each dog and each dog’s behaviors.  The dogs are played with, talked to, and walked while at Wuff-Da Kennel.  And an added bonus:  Pia sends email updates to us on how Izzy is doing while at the kennel.  Thanks, Wuff-Da Kennel, for doing such a great job!

Cindy Petersen, Mayville ND

Hi!  My name is Izzy.  I am a one and a half year old Maltese-Papillion puppy.  I have been to Wuff-Da Kennel for shorts stays and for some longer stays (vacations) too.  While my family is away from home, I get to go to Wuff-Da Kennel and spend time with other dogs and with Pia.  My new friend Pia is so patient with me and the other dogs that stay at her kennel.  She spends time with me, talks to me, and learns my personality.  She even taught me how to use the doggy door on my kennel at her house.  I like to be outside, so she takes me for walks around the farm and lets me explore.  I like staying at Wuff-Da Kennel.


We have been very pleased with the personalized attention our dog, Molly, receives at Wuff Da Kennel. Pia provides professional, loving, individualized care in a safe and peaceful environment. The kennels are climate controlled and very clean. Pia pays close attention to all of the dogs in her care, noting and addressing any concerns promptly. We highly recommend Wuff Da Kennel!

Darrin & Stephanie Olson, Crookston MN

We have used Wuffda Kennel several times for our “boys” to stay at. We have been thrilled with Pia and the accommodations at Wuffda! Pia is a true kind loving animal person. She loves the dogs and they love her. At other kennels if we take them back, they don’t want to get out of the car. At Wuffda they jump out and are so happy to see Pia. They truly enjoy their stay there. Pia has thought of every possible thing to make Wuffda a clean, safe loving temporary home for her guests. We highly recommend Wuffda Kennel to anyone who needs a loving home for short or long term stay for their 4 legged friends.

Glenn and Edie Ramstad, Ada MN

Leaving your furry family member behind when on a trip is stressful enough without wondering if they are happy and well cared for.  I have found that from the time I drop Sophie off for her “vacation” at Wuff Da Kennel she will be looked after like she was one of Pia’s own family.  I can call and find out how she is doing most any time and also get updates by email too.  When on my trip, I stayed at a “boutique hotel” and now I can say that I think Sophie stayed at a “boutique kennel”

Sophie’s Mom, MN

You did a wonderful job taking care of Duke for Daniel Robert Berg. He appreciated the love and care you gave him. We will recommend you highly to our friends. It was hard to leave him for that long and it was the first time, but he seem to do wonderfully. Thank you very very much.

Roxanne Mickelsen, Shelly MN

Hi Pia! Sending you a little note to thank you for taking such good care of our dog, Betsy. I was very pleased with her care she received at Wuff Da Kennel and your facility is clean and very accommodating.  It is nice to have a kennel close to where we live and not have to drive miles out of our way to board our dog for a few days. I would highly recommend your Kennel to others that maybe looking for a great place to care for their doggie family member while away.

Mary Gallagher, Halstad MN

Thank you, Pia, for taking such kind and loving care of our pup, PJ. Though you were recommended to us by past clients, I was a little worried to leave PJ at a kennel for the first time. I needn’t have been. Thank you for welcoming PJ and reassuring me so kindly when we arrived at Wuffda Kennel. Your genuine love of dogs was apparent within the first minutes of meeting and I knew PJ would be in good hands. Thank you for providing a safe, clean home-away-from-home that comes with TLC for four-legged family members. I recommend Wuffda Kennel to everyone I know!

Jennifer Porter, Hillsboro ND

We were very pleased with our experience with Wuff Da Kennel. Pia took the time to ask questions about our dog in order to get a good understanding of his personality. She is very accommodating and provides a lot of personal attention and exercise for the dogs. We will definitely be bringing our dog back again when he can’t travel with us.

Paul Baukol, Hendrum MN