Dog Training Feedback – Fargo ND

Wuffda Kennel and Pia are a true life saver.  We have 2 dogs and was going out of town and needed to board them both.  We dropped them off at daycare and got on the road.  After 5 hours of driving we got a call from the daycare, stating both of our dogs needed to leave right away.  They stated our dogs were not getting along with the other dogs.  We found someone to bring them to a 2nd daycare, that separated the dogs, instead of mixing them.  The next morning we get a call from the 2nd daycare, stating one of our dogs had to leave right away, stating he “attacked” some workers.  I did not know what to do!  I was 8+ hours from home.  I started researching on other boarding options and came across Wuffda Kennel.  I called her and we spoke for over 20 minutes about my dogs, our issues, the situation, and our family.  She invited us to come and meet her, and so that she could meet them.  We went to her place.  She did not look or touch or talk to my dogs when we arrived.  She let them roam around and get comfortable with their surrounding and then get comfortable with her.  She did not force herself on them.  She let us leave them there, as we were flying out the next morning for 5 days.  I was nervous, considering the last 2 placements.  Pia kept me informed every day while we were away.  She called or emailed me telling me what they were up to and even emailed me pictures.  I will never bring my dogs anywhere else!  The 2nd place my dogs stayed had over 80 dogs there!  Pia only takes a handful of dogs, making them all comfortable and feel like home.  The kennels are clean, comfortable, relaxing, and air conditioned.  I call Pia the “dog whisperer”.  When we picked them up she taught me some tricks and rules to have, in order to be more in control of their behaviors.  When we brought them home and worked with them, they really did work better with us, based on the trick she taught me.  She welcomed us back to her place, in order to have some training lessons with her, but mostly it would be to train us humans to handle our fury kids. She has tons of experience and love for animals.   You truly must see for yourself!  I cannot express in words the true love she has for dogs, and how she helped us out so much! We thank you again Pia and Wuffda Kennel….. Love Mallie, Blake, and family 🙂

Leona Flugstad, Fargo ND

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