3 thoughts on “Fall Discount on In Board Training Courses! Contact us for pricing and more info

  1. Hi! I may be interested in board and train for our new 2 yo rescue rough collie. Shr is a calm, kind, gentle and loving g dog, but stubborn! She doesn’t tell us when she needs to go out for potty, she jumps, garbage dives, and chews up small toys. What is the length of stay and pricing?

    • Thank you for contacting Wuff Da Kennel
      I will be happy to discuss In Board training options for your dog with you
      Please feel free to give me a call at your earliest convenience
      Looking forward to hearing from you
      Thank you

    • PS
      I recommend the dog stay 6-8 weeks
      Price will vary all depending on the dog and your goals for your dog
      I recommend you schedule a Consultation ($50) with your dog so that I can do an evaluation of your dog and we can discuss training options
      Your dog must be current on the following vaccinations
      Parvo Distemper
      Bordatella (kennel cough)

      Thank you

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