Wuff Da Kennel is now offering a course for people who are experiencing issues with their dogs. We offer a Seminar, and 2 kinds of Follow Up Clinics Check back for dates on the clinics. Clinic Dates may also be scheduled at the Seminar to suit your schedule.

SEMINAR -JUNE 13 –  1pm   – LOCATION: HTC Building – 345 2nd Ave.W. Halstad MN 56548 – Adults $ 8 and Kids 15+ $ 5 –

Follow Up People Clinics ” Communication & Mechanical Skills” & Follow Up Dog Clinic ” Move Up – Be The Pack Leader’ – claiming your position within your pack. Check back for clinic dates. To participate in the follow up clinics you must have participated in the People Seminar June 13 . To register or for more information on clinics and prices please contact Wuff Da Kennel.

Email : go to our contact page, or give us a call 218 506 8514.

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