Todd & Morgan Olson Grand Forks ND

Our basset hound George started exhibiting “bully” traits when he became frustrated or upset. His stubborn tendencies were especially strong when he witnessed weaknesses within our rules for him. He would try to assert himself as the leader.

We brought George to Wuff Da Kennel to learn basic obedience and to modify his “bully” behaviors. It turns out that the humans needed just as much training on how to work with George! Pia provided George with a strong understanding of the “leader” mentality. Meeting on a weekly basis, Pia outlined what George had learned during the week and had us practice on her Aussies and George.

George now knows his role within the pack – behind the humans. Highly motivated by treats, George now maintains eye contact and completes basic obedience tasks. The facility at Wuff Da Kennel is inviting, spacious, and clean. Pia did a great job working with George, and we can’t thank her enough.

Todd & Morgan Olson Grand Forks ND

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