Dog Training Feedback – Fargo ND

Our biggest thanks to Wuff Da Kennel! Our young and feisty German Shepherd Koda, developed significant stranger anxiety at about 3 months of age. We struggled with her in standard obedience classes and were very worried about being able to have her in public because she was so aggressive. After our best attempts, we decided to bring Koda to Wuff Da for some training to help with the anxiety and self‐ assuredness. Koda spent 3 weeks initially with Pia. During that time, Pia and crew invited us up for some one‐on‐one training with she and the dog. She was extremely helpful, caring and informative. There were no questions left unanswered. She has a firm and consistent approach to training and does not mince words, which made our instructions very clear as far as how to work with Koda at home. We had a great home transition and stayed in contact with the Kennel via email with any questions regarding training at home.

Because of her wonderful training and care, we brought Koda back up about 1 1⁄2 months later when we went on vacation. Pia worked with Koda on some touch up training and again provided us with a “follow up” plan for home training. Koda is now 8 months old and we have a dog that has really been changed by the wonderful training at Wuff Da Kennel. She is adjusting to many social situations with ease and we are no longer fearful regarding her behavior. We are so grateful for the superb care and excellent training we received from Pia and her staff. We wouldn’t hesitate for a second to do further kenneling for our dog at Wuff Da Kennel and would highly recommend their training. Pia’s no‐nonsense approach is effective, the animals love her and are quite obviously extremely well cared for!

Jenifer Dees, Fargo ND

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