Dog Training Feedback – Grand Forks ND

I stumbled upon Pia at Wuff Da Kennel on the Internet during a desparate search for help when me and my husband’s 5 year old Olde English bulldog and 3 year old Shitzu/Bichon cross started devolping aggression issues with each other. Every other trainer I spoke to said if they’ve fought once it’s too late. Pia however spent an hour on the phone with me getting the background and details talking me through all the possibilities that could be going on. She made a house visit the next weekend and spent time evaluating the dogs just doing what dogs do. The best part of that day was that she started teaching US! We had more to learn than the dogs did, and she continues to work with us and the dogs alike. We have a long way to go, but with her help we are working forward now instead of backwards.

Pia teaches you from the dogs perspective, working with her you start to see all the things you’re doing that just confuse the dogs and worsens their behavior. She is honest and tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. She truly loves dogs, big or small purebred or mutt. She takes each dog for what it is and works with each individual personality (that goes for the humans too..). I’m thankful for the knowledge I found in Pia, and find comfort in the fact that between sessions I can ask a questions and she is always willing to help! I will continue to work with Pia with my current dogs and future dogs I may have.

Emily Kliniske, Grand Forks ND

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